PaisaPay is an online payment service of eBay which enables the buyers to pay sellers
through Online Bank transfer or Debit or Credit or Cash Cards. PaisaPay provides payment gateway services like Paypal and this gateway runs exclusively on Indian Banking and Credit card Infrastructure.

Services Offered

PaisaPay is an exclusive payment gateway for India and helps online sellers to
receive payments via local bank accounts and Credit cards. If you are a buyer, you can
get Paisa Pay services from all eBay websites all over the world and you can pay for the
products and services provided by the Indian merchants using PaisaPay.PaisaPay provides services for sellers to make online payments and helps buyers to
receive products faster.

Transfer limits

Paisa Pay does not impose any transfer limits on transactions.


Service Facility Charge
Credit Card Payments (non EMI) 4% + applicable taxes
Debit Card Payments 4%+applicable taxes
Online Bank Transfer Payments 4%+applicable taxes
3 or 6 month EMI 5.5% + applicable taxes
Cash on Delivery 5% or Rs.125/- (whichever is higher) + applicable taxes

For Online bank transfer payments, Cash Cards and Credit or Debit card payments
PaisaPay charges 4% of the transaction amount. The seller is charged with the applicable
taxes like service tax of 10%, Education cess of 2% and Sec. & Higher edu. Cess of 1%.

For EMI based transactions, it charges 5.5% of the transaction amount and the
applicable tax. For Cash on delivery system, it charges 5% or Rs.125/- (whichever is
higher) and the applicable taxes. The above PaisaPay Facility Charges are subject to 10% Service Tax and 3% Cess (Edu: 2% + Sec & High Edu: 1%) thereon.

These are the rates as published on the site as on 9th Feb, 2011 and may change. You
would have to verify the current information from the website itself.

As of March 2 2009, Paisapay has reduced its service tax rate from 12% to 10%

You can see the rates at

Exchange Rates

No published exchange rates available in website.



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